CSP and real-time: Reality or illusion?

B. Orlic, J.F. Broenink

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    This paper deals with the applicability of CSP in general and SystemCSP, as a notation and design methodology based on CSP, in particular in the application area of real-time systems. The paper extends SystemCSP by introducing time-related operators as a way to specify time properties. Since SystemCSP aims to be used in practice of real-time systems development, achieving real-time in practice is also addressed. The mismatch between the classical scheduling theories and CSP paradigm is explored. Some practical ways to deal with this mismatch are presented.
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    TitelThe 30th Communicating Process Architectures Conference (CPA 2007, Guildford, UK, July 8-11, 2007)
    RedacteurenA.A. McEwan, S.A. Schneider, W. Ifill, P.H. Welch
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