Crash study of NXT3 base module

Tuan Nguyen, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE). Stan Ackermans Instituut. Design and Technology of Instrumentation (DTI)

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    NXT3 BaMo is a project that develops a new Base Module of a NXT wafer stage. With the new requirements of higher throughput, cost effective, and higher load support, crash forces acting on the system are expected to be higher. To ensure the system is still functional within the machine lifetime, the design of each module in the overall system must take into account the maximum crash forces which can act on the system. In this project, we investigate the crash behaviors of two sub-modules of the Base Module: the Linear Axis and the Balance Mass. For each sub-module, the crash computations are done by a multibody dynamic model programmed in MatLab/SimMechanics software. Furthermore based on simulation results, crash experiments are carried out to validate the design concept of the air-bearing of the Linear Axis and the end stops of the Balance Mass. The results show that the maximum crash forces acting on the airbearing of the Linear Axis are high and further investigations such as doing air-bearing crash experiments are required. For the Balance Mass, the maximum crash forces and displacements are within specifications. However it is still possible to optimize them.
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