Core test control

J.D. Dingemanse (Uitvinder), E.J. Marinissen (Uitvinder), C.R Wouters (Uitvinder), G.E.A. Lousberg (Uitvinder), G.A.A. Bos (Uitvinder), R.G.J. Arendsen (Uitvinder)

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A integrated circuit (100) includes a plurality of cores (110, 120). With each core (110, 120) is associated a TCB (112, 122) for controlling the core in a test mode thereof. Each TCB has a shift register (220) for holding test control data. The TCBs (112, 122) are serially linked in a chain (140) so that, the test control data can be serially shifted in. A system TCB (130) is provided in the chain (140) comprising a further shift register (220). The system TCB (130) is connected to each TCB (112, 122) for, after receiving a particular set of test control data in its shift register (220), providing the TCBs (112, 122) with a system test hold signal for switching between a shift mode and an application mode of the TCBs (112, 122).

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IPCG01R 31/ 3187 A I
StatusGepubliceerd - 9 mei 2000
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