Copy control using digital speed bumps

G. Wirtz (Uitvinder), A.A.C.M. Kalker (Uitvinder), J.A. Haitsma (Uitvinder), J.P.M.G. Linnartz (Uitvinder)

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A digital media recorder and a method of controlling such is shown. During attempts to copy media content such as audio or a video sequences, sub-sequences are extracted from an input media sequence. A digital fingerprint of the sub-sequence is calculated and compared with at least one first reference fingerprint from a database. The outcome of the comparison determines the action to take in the further processing. Recording of the input media sequence on the media carrier is either allowed or obstructed, e.g. disallowed. In the case recording of the sequence is allowed, the database is updated with information that the digital media sequence has been recorded. This has the effect of a "speed bump," which limits the rate at which those copies of media content can be made, i.e. the effect is that of prohibiting more than a given number of copies within a given time frame.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 27 apr 2005

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