Convergent systems: nonlinear simplicity

A. Pavlov, N. van de Wouw

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Convergent systems are systems that have a uniquely defined globally asymptotically stable steady-state solution. Asymptotically stable linear systems excited by a bounded time varying signal are convergent. Together with the superposition principle, the convergence property forms a foundation for a large number of analysis and (control) design tools for linear systems. Nonlinear convergent systems are in many ways similar to linear systems and are, therefore, in a certain sense simple, although the superposition principle does not hold. This simplicity allows one to solve a number of analysis and design problems for nonlinear systems and makes the convergence property highly instrumental for practical applications. In this chapter, we review the notion of convergent systems and its applications to various analyses and design problems within the field of systems and control.

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TitelNonlinear systems
Subtiteltechniques for dynamical analysis and control
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EvenementInternational workshop on Nonlinear Systems in honor of Henk Nijmeijer’s 60th birthday, 2016 - Eindhoven, Nederland
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CongresInternational workshop on Nonlinear Systems in honor of Henk Nijmeijer’s 60th birthday, 2016

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