ContoExam : an ontology on context-aware examinations

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Patient observations in health care, subjective su rveys in social research or dyke sensor data in water management are all exa mples of measurements. Several ontologies already exist to express measure ments, W3C’s SSN ontology being a prominent example. However, these ontologie s address quantities and properties as being equal, and ignore the foundatio n required to establish comparability between sensor data. Moreover, a meas ure of an observation in itself is almost always inconclusive without the context i n which the measure was obtained. ContoExam addresses these aspects, provid ing for a unifying capability for context-aware expressions of observations about quantities and properties alike, by aligning them to ontological foundations, and by binding observations inextricably with their context.
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TitelProceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2014), 22-25 September 2014, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Evenementconference; Formal Ontology in Information Systems; 2014-09-22; 2014-09-25 -
Duur: 22 sep. 201425 sep. 2014

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Congresconference; Formal Ontology in Information Systems; 2014-09-22; 2014-09-25
AnderFormal Ontology in Information Systems


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