Continuous-time Sigma-Delta AD conversion for wireless communication

K.J.P. Philips, P.A.C.M. Nuijten, A.H.M. Roermund, van

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In a quest for flexibility, receivers for wireless communications are being digitized. Analog filters and variable gain amplifiers (VGA) are exchanged for digital processing at the expense of a very challenging ADC. Wireless interconnectivity in particular, seems a first candidate for a full-digital baseband implementation. Compared to mobile communication, sensitivity and interferer levels are moderate. Two converter solutions for a full-digital Bluetooth receiver are presented here. The first –rather conventional- ADC achieves high resolution and low power consumption by careful design. The second solution merges analog filtering and VGA into the ADC. This results in a further power reduction because the converter performance is better tailored to the input signal.
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TitelAnalog Circuit Design
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