Continuous manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients via flow technology

S. Borukhova, V. Hessel

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The main drivers to implement continuous manufacturing are aspects related to logistics, quality of the final product, chemistry to be implemented, process and safety concerns. Flow technology offers a platform to realize those drivers. This chapter introduces the reader to a relatively new operating platform of flow chemistry. It also discusses the principles of micro reaction engineering, followed by the novel process windows available within the operating platform. The chapter discusses the main units/aspects comprising a micro flow platform with impressive single‐step transformations. To demonstrate the ability of micro flow technology to deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), it presents a compilation of continuous syntheses of active pharmaceutical ingredients that result after more than two bonds have formed in an uninterrupted fashion. The chapter further presents downstream processing of the product stream and its analytical characterization. Finally, it gives a top view on multi‐step processes leading to important APIs.
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TitelContinuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
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