Context Matters: The Effect of Textual Tone on the Evaluation of Mediated Social Touch

Sima Ipakchian Askari, Antal Haans, P. Bos, M.J.G. Eggink, E.M. Lu, F.G.L. Kwong, Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn

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Mediated Social Touch (MST) promises interpersonal touch over a distance through haptic or tactile displays. Tests of the efficacy of MST often involve attempts to demonstrate that effects of social touch (e.g., on affective responses or helping behavior) can be replicated with MST. Results, however, have been mixed. One possible explanation is that contextual factors have not sufficiently been taken into account in these experiments. A touch act is accompanied by other verbal and non-verbal expressions, and whom we touch, when, and in what manner is regulated through social and personal norms. Previous research demonstrated, amongst others, effects of gender and the facial expression of the toucher on the recipients’ touch experience. People can use expressions of the toucher’s emotions as a cue to anticipate the meaning of the ensuing social touch. This current study examines whether emotions expressed in text (i.e., textual tone) affects the meaning and experience of MST. As expected we found textual tone to affect both the comfortableness of the touch as well as its perceived meaning. Limitations and implications are discussed.

Mediated social touch Textual tone Affective haptic devices Computer mediated communication Haptic feedback
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TitelHaptics: Science, Technology, Applications
Subtitel12th International Conference, EuroHaptics 2020, Leiden, The Netherlands, September 6–9, 2020, Proceedings
RedacteurenIlana Nisky, Jess Hartcher-O’Brien, Michaël Wiertlewski, Jeroen Smeets
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StatusGepubliceerd - 5 sep 2020
EvenementEuroHaptics - Leiden, Nederland
Duur: 6 sep 20209 sep 2020

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Verkorte titelEuroHaptics 2020

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