Consumer decisions with artificially intelligent voice assistants

Benedict G.C. Dellaert (Corresponding author), Suzanne B. Shu, Theo A. Arentze, Tom Baker, Kristin Diehl, Bas Donkers, Nathanael J. Fast, Gerald Häubl, Heidi Johnson, Uma R. Karmarkar, Harmen Oppewal, Bernd H. Schmitt, Juliana Schroeder, Stephen A. Spiller, Mary Steffel

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Consumers are widely adopting Artificially Intelligent Voice Assistants (AIVAs). AIVAs now handle many different everyday tasks and are also increasingly assisting consumers with purchasing decisions, making AIVAs a rich topic for marketing researchers. We develop a series of propositions regarding how consumer decision-making processes may change when moved from traditional online purchase environments to AI-powered voice-based dialogs, in the hopes of encouraging further academic thinking and research in this rapidly developing, high impact area of consumer-firm interaction. We also provide suggestions for marketing managers and policymakers on points to pay attention to when they respond to the proposed effects of AIVAs on consumer decisions.

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TijdschriftMarketing Letters
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec 2020

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