Conceptualization of place quality in High-Speed Rail station areas: A Review

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High-speed railway (HSR) station areas are expected to benefit the urban
environment not simply as transportation or economic activity hubs but also as
urban places. However, the relationship between HSR station areas and place
quality has not received systematic attention, despite the evolution of urban
planning paradigms towards a clearer focus on quality of life. In this paper, we
review 44 academic articles written between 1996 and 2019, and analyze concepts of place quality spanning the disciplines of traffic, urban planning, economic development, place-making, and mega-project management. We demonstrate that the conceptualization of place quality in relation to HSR station area development has remained compartmentalized, and this conceptual ambiguity stems from insufficient attention to the HSR features and a systematic classification of station areas should be a necessary method for future discussion. Finally, we put forward a working definition of place quality and develop a framework for categorizing specific features.
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StatusGepubliceerd - jul. 2020
EvenementProceedings of TRA2020, the 8th Transport Research Arena: Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility - Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Duur: 27 apr. 202030 apr. 2020


CongresProceedings of TRA2020, the 8th Transport Research Arena
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