Concept development of the Eindhoven Diabetes Education Simulator project

A.H. Maas, P. van der Molen, R. van de Vijver, Wei Chen, C. van Pul, E.J.E. Cottaar, N.A.W. van Riel, P.A.J. Hilbers, H. Haak

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OBJECTIVE: This study was designed to define the concept of an educational diabetes game following a user-centered design approach.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The concept development of the Eindhoven Diabetes Education Simulator (E-DES) project can be divided in two phases: concept generation and concept evaluation. Four concepts were designed by the multidisciplinary development team based on the outcomes of user interviews. Four other concepts resulted from the Diabetes Game Jam. Several users and experts evaluated the concepts. These user evaluations and a feasibility analysis served as input for an overall evaluation and discussion by the development team resulting in the final concept choice.

RESULTS: The four concepts of the development team are a digital board game, a quiz platform, a lifestyle simulator, and a puzzle game. The Diabetes Game Jam resulted in another digital board game, two mobile swipe games, and a fairy tale-themed adventure game. The combined user evaluations and feasibility analysis ranked the quiz platform and the digital board game equally high. Each of these games fits one specific subgroup of users best: the quiz platform best fits an eager-to-learn, more individualistic patient, whereas the board game best fits a less-eager-to-learn, family-oriented patient. The choice for a specific concept is therefore highly dependent on the choice of our specific target audience.

CONCLUSIONS: The user-centered design approach with multiple evaluations has enabled us to choose the most promising concept from eight different options. A digital board game is chosen for further development because the target audience for E-DES is the less-motivated, family-oriented patients.

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