Concentric set schematization

M.A. Bekos, Fabian Frank, Wouter Meulemans, Peter Rodgers, André Schulz

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Sets can be visualized in various ways and settings. An important
distinction between techniques is based on whether the elements
have a spatial location that is to be used for the visualization; for
example, the elements are cities on a map. Strictly adhering to such
location may severely limit the visualization and force overlay, intersections and other forms of clutter. On the other hand, completely
ignoring the spatial dimension omits information and may hide spatial patterns in the data. In this abstract, we present ongoing research
on a method that is in between spatial and nonspatial visualizations.
The main idea is to schematize (move) the spatial locations onto
concentric circles, to improve the visualization of the set system
while roughly maintaining spatial structure.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2019
EvenementSet Visual Analytics Workshop - Vancouver, Canada
Duur: 20 okt. 201920 okt. 2019


WorkshopSet Visual Analytics Workshop
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