Computational study of particle temperature in a bubbling spout fluidized bed with hot gas injection

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CFD–DEM simulations of a hot gas jet issuing into a pseudo 2D gas–solid fluidized bed of glass particles are reported. A novel CFD–DEM model accounting for fluid–particle heat transfer has been developed and used for this particular research. In this work the background gas is maintained at minimum fluidization velocity and room temperature (300 K) while a hot gas jet (500 K) is injected from the center of a pseudo 2D bed. Three different particle sizes have been studied (1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm). The hot gas jet causes continuous bubble formation and propagation in the bed thus creating a circulation pattern of particles. Using the detailed simulation data various kinds of analysis are presented on the particle temperature statistics like standard deviation and distribution profiles of time-averaged particle density, volume flux and temperature variation about the mean. Further, a tracer particle analysis is presented that shows the variation of particle temperatures about the mean for different particle sizes.
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