Computational modelling of blanking processes - remeshing and transfer issues

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Finite element simulations of blanking require frequent remeshing in order to trace the evolving geometry of the problem. Remeshing must be accompanied by transfer of a set of state variables from the old mesh to the new. Inaccuracies which are inevitably introduced by this transfer may easily lead to loss of convergence in subsequent loading increments and therefore to breakdown of the simulation. In order to avoid such failures, a remeshing-transfer algorithm has been developed which is more forgiving with respect to inaccuracies and thus allows for efficient and robust simulations.
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TitelComputational plasticity VII : fundamentals and applications ; proceedings of the 7th conference on computational plasticity held in Barcelona, Spain, 7-10 April 2003
RedacteurenD.R.J. Owen, E. Onate
UitgeverijInternational Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)
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