Complexity : outline of the NWO strategic theme dynamics of complex systems

G. Burgers, A. Doelman, K. Frenken, P. Hogeweg, C. Hommes, H. Maas, van der, B. Mulder, K. Stam, M. Steen, van, L. Zandee

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Dynamics of complex systems is one of the program 5 themes in the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) strategy for the years 2007-2011. The ambition of the current proposal is to initiate integrated activities in the field of complex systems within the Netherlands, to provide opportunities for the Dutch scientific community to start up a research program on 'Complexity', and to join in, and give direction to, European activities in this field. At many levels of activity, Dutch researchers take prominent positions and are internationally recognized for their research in complexity science – a field that by its very nature requires a multi-disciplinary collaboration. However, this has not yet led to an established national community that crosses existing disciplinary boundaries. In this proposal, we call for an effort to bring together ideas, insights, and knowledge from various disciplines and to initiate inspiration and cross-fertilization among traditionally separated fields. We sketch the contours of a scientific 'Complexity' program by focusing on three trans-disciplinary research themes. The choice for these themes is determined by the opportunities offered and challenges posed by the field of 'Complexity', in combination with the existing strengths and highlights of the Dutch scientific community.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2008


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