Competency-centered education for designing interactive and intelligent products

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Societal, scientific and technological developments are changing the field of industrial design. The field expands towards designing for intelligent systems, products and related services. If one truly likes to design such disruptive systems, we believe that it implies a specific view on and attitude towards education. The Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, has been facilitating students to become professional designers in designing interactive and intelligent products, systems and related services. In order to do so, the department offers a self-directed, competency-centered education model, including both our competency framework and the reflective transformative design process, in which learning and working come together. Students learn to learn (what, how and why) and we facilitate their learning in order for them to have the ability to deal creatively and flexibly with the large amounts of constantly evolving information in our ‘knowledge era’ and become the designers of the future.
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