Comparing transportation systems for inter-terminal transport at the Maasvlakte container terminals

Mark B. Duinkerken, Rommert Dekker, Stef T. G. L. Kurstjens, Jaap A. Ottjes, Nico P. Dellaert

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In this paper, a comparison between three transportation systems for the overland transport of containers between container terminals is presented. A simulation model has been developed to assist in this respect. Transport in this study can be done by either multi-trailers, automated guided vehicles or automated lifting vehicles. The model is equipped with a rule-based control system as well as an advanced planning algorithm. The model is applied to a realistic scenario for the Maasvlakte situation in the near future. The experiments give insight into the importance of the different characteristics of the transport systems and their interaction with the handling equipment. Finally, a cost analysis has been executed to support management investment decisions. Keywords Inter-terminal transport - Automated container terminals - Transport systems - Discrete event simulation
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TijdschriftOR Spectrum
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2006


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