Comparative analysis of different types of "implant-prosthesis" connection. Esthetic effect, prosthetic techniques

P.A. Leclercq

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Thanks to the combined evolutions of surgery and of the concept of implantology it is now possible in the case of prosthetical rehabilitation to associate function, aesthetics and phonetics. The pre-prothetical analysis makes it possible to determine the various stages of an all-inclusive treatment namely: periodontics, surgery, prosthetics and occlusal equilibration, so as to obtain the appropriate results. The surgical problems caused by bone resorption in the toothless places are worsened by mechanical ones due to a deficiency in the parallelism of implants. Nevertheless the post-implants will be placed in the prosthetical corridor chosen before surgery. The aim of this article is to study the different types of junctions, permitting to link the implants to the prosthesis, whether it will be cemented of screwed. Depending on the clinical case, the choice of a connector, hence of a system of implants is determined by a number of questions such as: will it be easy to place the post-implants in the prosthetical corridor and to parallel them? Will it be possible to use systems permitting ductility or not? Is there any risk of the connector going loose? To what extent will the aesthetic function be respected? (Screw heads in the case of removable prostheses as well as gingival finishing lines of the superstructures).
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1990

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