Color gradient test system

S. Liu

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    A color gradient test system has been constructed for the color profile study which aims at the usage of new color filters. The color profile problem was first simulated by a Ray Trace model in Matlab, which indicated that the max central wavelength differences in the field and the pupil plane of a 1mm light spot are about 5nm. Based on this simulation result, the concept of this test system has been formed. This test system is composed of a lens module, a motorized stage and a spectrometer. The optical bench design and analysis was completed in Zemax software. In addition, this test system also contains an automation and a calibration function, which allow accurate and repetitive measurements done in a short time span. With all the functions together, 0.1nm accuracy for the color gradient profile can be achieved. The system performance in the field space has been validated while the performance in the pupil space needs update.
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