Coherent control of the optical absorption in a plasmonic lattice coupled to a luminescent layer

G. Pirruccio, M. Ramezani, S.R.K. Rodriguez, J. Gómez Rivas

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We experimentally demonstrate the coherent control, i.e., phase-dependent enhancement and suppression, of the optical absorption in an array of metallic nanoantennas covered by a thin luminescent layer. The coherent control is achieved by using two collinear, counterpropagating, and phase-controlled incident waves with wavelength matching the absorption spectrum of dye molecules coupled to the array. Symmetry arguments shed light on the relation between the relative phase of the incident waves and the excitation efficiency of the optical resonances of the system. This coherent control is associated with a phase-dependent distribution of the electromagnetic near fields in the structure which enables a significant reduction of the unwanted dissipation in the metallic structures.
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TijdschriftPhysical Review Letters
Nummer van het tijdschrift10
StatusGepubliceerd - 9 mrt 2016

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