Co-Creation” within Art, Architecture and Social Design: WHAT’S OUR ROLE AS A DESIGNER, AN ARTIST OR ARCHITECT

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The theme I would like to explore is “Co-Creation” within art, architecture and social design. General question: What’s our role as a designer, an artist or an architect? How design interventions could have a positive impact on the process of community building and can serve to support existing iniatives and formulate some focal points in the
mutual dialogue between residents, users and landlords.
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TitelBook of Abstracts Radical Entanglements: Architectures, Societies, Environments, Politics
Subtitel: RAPS 2022 Eindhoven Conference: Book of Abstracts. Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability
RedacteurenTorsten Schröder, Weijie Zhong, Sophia Banou , João Manuel Meneses de Sequeira
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