Closed-loop identification of the time-varying dynamics of variable-speed wind turbines

J.W. Wingerden, van, I. Houtzager, F. Felici, M. Verhaegen

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The trend with offshore wind turbines is to increase the rotor diameter as much as possible to decrease the costs per kWh. The increasing dimensions have led to the relative increase in the loads on the wind turbine structure. Because of the increasing rotor size and the spatial load variations along the blade, it is necessary to react to turbulence in a more detailed way: each blade separately and at several separate radial distances. This combined with the strong nonlinear behavior of wind turbines motivates the need for accurate linear parameter-varying (LPV) models for which advanced control synthesis techniques exist within the robust control framework. In this paper we present a closed-loop LPV identification algorithm that uses dedicated scheduling sequences to identify the rotational dynamics of a wind turbine. We assume that the system undergoes the same time variation several times, which makes it possible to use time-invariant identification methods as the input and the output data are chosen from the same point in the variation of the system. We use time-invariant techniques to identify a number of extended observability matrices and state sequences that are inherent to subspace identification identified in a different state basis. We show that by formulating an intersection problem all states can be reconstructed in a general state basis from which the system matrices can be estimated. The novel algorithm is applied on a wind turbine model operating in closed loop. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
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