Classifying technological knowledge for presentation to mechanical engineering designers

R.C.J.A.M. Broens, M.J. Vries, de

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n this paper, we explore various options to classify technological knowledge for mechanical engineering designers. Classification is needed when technological knowledge is presented to designers in an automated knowledge management system (for example, a database that can be accessed by designers through the Internet). In particular, we draw from philosophy of technology, history of technology, and design methodology, to see what classifications can be made. It is not known whether such theoretical classifications are recognised by designers. In the empirical part of our study, we have submitted a number of optional classifications to active mechanical engineering designers to see what classification they would prefer as the basis for an automated knowledge-based system on the Internet. The outcome was that they recognised a classification that had been developed in the context of philosophical and historical studies, and even preferred that compared to more traditional disciplinary classifications
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