Chelating amphiphilic polymers

Holger Gruell (Uitvinder), Anke de Vries (Uitvinder), Sander Langereis (Uitvinder), Johan Lub (Uitvinder), E.M.G. Aussems-Custers (Uitvinder)

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    Described are amphiphilic polymers that are provided with chelating moieties. The amphiphilic polymers are block copolymers comprising a hydrophilic block and a hydrophobic block, with the chelating moieties linked to the end-group of the hydrophilic block. The disclosed polymers are capable of self-assembly into structures such as micelles and polymersomes. With suitable metals present in the form of coordination complexes with 5 the chelating moieties, the chelating amphiphilic polymers of the invention are suitable for use in various imaging techniques requiring metal labeling, such as MRI (T 1 /T 2 weighted contrast agents or CEST contrast agents) SPECT, PET or Spectral CT.

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    IPCA61K 49/ 00 A I
    StatusGepubliceerd - 18 mrt 2010

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