Characterization of Supraharmonic Emission from High-Power Electric Vehicle Chargers

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The increasing number of high-power electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in electricity grids introduces new challenges for the grid operators. Not only the high power demand of the chargers has an impact on the grids, the devices can also be a source of supraharmonic (2-150 kHz) emissions that have several unwanted effects. In this research, an advanced set-up is developed to characterize the supraharmonic emission of high-power EV chargers to find the influencing parameters. Two chargers with a 175 kW rating are tested on a wide range of DC-voltage and -current setpoints and for different AC grid conditions to obtain a representative assessment of the behaviour of the chargers under different operation conditions. The main conclusion is that the supraharmonic emission of the chargers is highly dependent on the DC output voltage and that multiple chargers may interact with each other, resulting in a slow time-varying beating phenomenon. The findings support the understanding of the supraharmonic emission from EV fast chargers and help in assessing the impact they can have on the grid.
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TitelCIRED Porto Workshop 2022
SubtitelE-mobility and power distribution systems
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StatusGepubliceerd - 27 jul. 2022
Evenement2022 CIRED Workshop (CIRED 2022): E-mobility and power distribution systems - Porto, Portugal
Duur: 2 jun. 20223 jun. 2022


Workshop2022 CIRED Workshop (CIRED 2022)
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