Characterization of Magnetic micro- and nano-spheres

G. Quercia Bianchi, Y. Perera, A. Blanco

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    Magnetic spheres, especially from nanometer to micrometer dimensions, present special physical and chemical properties, which have attracted great attention due to their potential applications. Many methods can be employed to prepare magnetic spherical materials. A simple process to synthesize magnetic micro- and nano-spheres was developed in this research, based on the flame spheroidization process. This research indicated the possible use of a simple process to synthesize micro- and nano-spheres with magnetic properties employing a waste by-product, as well as the potential of SEM, FESEM-STEM, EDS and XRD techniques to characterize the morphologies, chemical composition, and particle size distribution.
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2007
    Evenementconference; IX Interamerican Conference on Electron Microscopy; 2007-09-24; 2007-09-24 -
    Duur: 24 sep. 200724 sep. 2007


    Congresconference; IX Interamerican Conference on Electron Microscopy; 2007-09-24; 2007-09-24
    AnderIX Interamerican Conference on Electron Microscopy


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