CBE growth and characterization on InGaAsN/InP quantum well structures using NH3

M. Buda, M.R. Leijs, A.Y. Silov, H. Vonk, J.H. Wolter, C.T. Foxon

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NH3 is used successfully as nitrogen precursor for the growth of InxGa1-xAs1-yNy / InP structures using Chemical Beam Epitaxy (CBE). In our system one high temperature injector is used for the introduction of NH3 only. The maximum amount of N introduced in InGaAsis 1.4%, estimated from X-ray and PL measurements. The N incorporation is strongly influenced by the temperature of the injector and by compressive strain. Addittionally, the N incorporation is decreased when high strain values give rise to misfit dislocations. Post-growth treatment enhances the photoluminescence intensity of the InFaAsN layers. We conclude that point defects are annihilated by the anneal. Additionally there is evidence for atomic rearrangements caused by the annealing step.
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TitelInt. Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors, Nagoya, Japan, September 24-27, 2000
StatusGepubliceerd - 2000
Evenementconference; Int. Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors -
Duur: 1 jan 2000 → …


Congresconference; Int. Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors
Periode1/01/00 → …
AnderInt. Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors

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