Catch them ... if you can

L. Meester, J. Molenaar, M. Nuyens, Y. Rozenholc, K. Winden, van

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An important part of forensic science is dedicated to the evaluation of physical traces left at the crime scene like fingerprints, bullets, toolmarks etc. These traces are compared with traces from a suspect. The evaluation of physical traces can be interpreted as the comparison of two noisy signals. We introduce an evaluation of the matching of two noisy signals at diverse scales and localisations in space. In a multi-resolution way a "probability" of matching is computed. Furthermore, a description is given to evaluate the complexity of a shoemark. A likelihood ratio approach is used for comparing two shoemark traces.
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TitelProceedings of the fourty-fifth European Study Group with Industry (Leiden, The Netherlands, February 17-21, 2003)
RedacteurenD. Pik, V. Rottschäfer
StatusGepubliceerd - 2004

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