Cardiovascular reactions during exposure to persuasion principles

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To optimize effectiveness of persuasive technology, understanding also psychophysiological processes of persuasion is crucial. The current research explored cardiovascular reactions to persuasive messages using four persuasion principles proposed by Cialdini (authority, scarcity, consensus, and commitment) in a laboratory experiment. The study had a randomized within-subject design. Participants (N = 56) were presented with 4 × 14 persuasive messages while cardiovascular reactions were measured with electrocardiography. Findings showed significantly different cardiovascular arousal regarding inter-beat interval and standard deviations of normal-to-normal heart rate peaks during persuasive principles compared to baseline or startle reflex. Results show no relation between cardiovascular arousal and self-reported susceptibility to persuasion. However, during the presentation of authority-based persuasion messages, data of the first stimulus condition showed a negative correlation between self-reported susceptibility and inter-beat interval reactivity. This explorative study advances our knowledge of psychophysiological processes underlying persuasion and suggested that at least certain persuasive principles may relate to physiological changes.
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TitelPersuasive Technology - 13th International Conference, PERSUASIVE 2018, Proceedings
RedacteurenPlinio P. Morita, Catherine M. Burns, Jaap Ham, Evangelos Karapanos
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2018
Evenement13th Conference on Persuasive Technology - University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
Duur: 18 apr 201819 apr 2018
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Congres13th Conference on Persuasive Technology
Verkorte titelPERSUASIVE 2018
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    Spelt, H. A. A., Westerink, J. H. D. M., Ham, J. R. C., & IJsselsteijn, W. A. (2018). Cardiovascular reactions during exposure to persuasion principles. In P. P. Morita, C. M. Burns, J. Ham, & E. Karapanos (editors), Persuasive Technology - 13th International Conference, PERSUASIVE 2018, Proceedings (blz. 267-278). (Lecture notes in Computer Science(LNCS); Vol. 10809). Springer.