Capturing mentor teachers’ reflective moments during mentoring dialogues

F.J.A.J. Crasborn, P.P.M. Hennissen, C.N. Brouwer, F.A.J. Korthagen, T.C.M. Bergen

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    The main goal of the current study is to capture differential frequencies of mentor teachers' reflective moments, as indicators of different levels of consciousness in mentor teachers' use and acquisition of supervisory skills during mentoring dialogues. For each of the 30 participants, two mentoring dialogues were analyzed: one before and one after they were trained in supervisory skills. To capture the frequency of reflective moments, the stimulated recall technique and a specially developed push-button device were combined in a two-method approach. The data of the study suggest the existence of different levels of consciousness in acquiring and using supervisory skills, the possibility of measuring reflectivity using concurrent and retrospective methods simultaneously, and the potential of such measurements to inform and improve professional development opportunities for mentor teachers.
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    TijdschriftTeachers and Teaching
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2010


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