Cabin crew rostering at KLM : optimization of reserves

M. Bijvank, J. Byrka, P. Heijster, van, A.V. Gnedin, T. Olejniczak, T. Swist, J. Zyprych, R.H. Bisseling, J. Mulder, M. Paelinck, H. Ridder, de

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In this paper, we will discuss the issue of rostering jobs of cabin crew attendants at KLM. Generated schedules get easily disrupted by events such as illness of an employee. Obviously, reserve people have to be kept ‘on duty’ to resolve such disruptions. A lot of reserve crew requires more employees, but too few results in so-called secondary disruptions, which are particularly inconvenient for both the crew members and the planners. In this research we will discuss several modifications of the reserve scheduling policy that have a potential to reduce the number of secondary disruptions, and therefore to improve the performance of the scheduling process.
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TitelProceedings 58th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry (ESGI58/SWI2007), 29 January - 2 February 2007, Utrecht, The Netherlands
RedacteurenR.H. Bisseling, K. Dajani, T.J. Dijkema, J. Leur, van de, P.A. Zegeling
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UitgeverijUtrecht University
StatusGepubliceerd - 2007
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