C-Nitroso compounds. Part XXXVI. Rearrangement of 2-chloro-2-nitrosofenchane and 2-chloro-2-nitrosocamphane.

J. Lub, Th.J. de Boer

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2-Chloro-2-nitrosofenchane (I, R = Me, R1 = H) rearranged in the presence of AlCl3 to give the chloro nitrones II (R = Me, R1 = H) and III, whereas 2-chloro-2-nitrosocamphane (I, R = H, R1 = Me) under similar conditions gave only II (R = H, R1 = Me). II and III reacted with common nucleophiles and were easily reduced to the amides IV [X, X1, R, R1 = CO, NH, H, Me (V); CO, NH, Me, H; NH, CO, Me, H (VI)]. V and VI are not accessible by Beckmann rearrangement of the appropriate oxime.
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