Building management simulation centre

B. Vries, de, S. Verhagen, A.J. Jessurun

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A unique training centre for construction management has recently been built in the Netherlands. The aim when developing the BMSC was to have maximum control over the training circumstances and to collect as much data as possible about the trainee, during the training. A new centre was therefore built and a new course system was implemented. The centre consists of a virtual building site, a (real) site hut for the trainees and a control room. The course system intermediates between the trainee, the trainer and the building site. A central role in the course system is played by so-called transitions, which are composed of activities that have to be performed by the trainee. An activity is fulfilled by entering web-based forms with the right content and in the right order. Interaction with the trainee is also established through actors that interrupt the planned flow of activities. After a training session, the system can reproduce all actions that were taken; it can show the consequences for the building and present the construction management performance.
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