BUILD-IT : a computer vision-based interaction technique for a planning tool

G.W.M. Rauterberg, M. Fjeld, H. Krueger, M. Bichsel, U. Leonhardt, M. Meier

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    Shows a method that goes beyond the established approaches of human-computer interaction. We first bring a serious critique of traditional interface types, showing their major drawbacks and limitations. Promising alternatives are offered by virtual (or immersive) reality (VR) and by augmented reality (AR). The AR design strategy enables humans to behave in a nearly natural way. Natural interaction means human actions in the real world with other humans and/or with real-world objects. Guided by the basic constraints of natural interaction, we derive a set of recommendations for the next generation of user interfaces: the natural user interface (NUI). Our approach to NUIs is discussed in the form of a general framework followed by a prototype. The prototype tool builds on video-based interaction and supports construction and plant layout. A first empirical evaluation is briefly presented
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    TitelPeople and computers : proceedings of the conference of the British Computer Society. Human-Computer Interaction Specialist Group, 12th, 1997, University of the West of Bristol
    RedacteurenH. Thimbleby, B. O'Conaill, P.J. Thomas
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 1997


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