Broadband light emitting device

L.H. Li (Uitvinder), A. Fiore (Uitvinder), L. Occhi (Uitvinder), C. Velez (Uitvinder)

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The invention concerns a superluminescent light emitting diode (SLED) comprising a semiconductor heterostructure forming a PN junction and a waveguide. The semiconductor heterostructure includes a gain region with a contact means for biasing the PN junction so as to produce light emission including stimulated emission from an active zone of the gain region, and in the active zone a plurality of quantum dot layers, each quantum dot layer made up of a plurality of quantum dots and a plurality of adjoining layers, each adjoining layer adjacent to one of said quantum dot layers. The material composition or a deposition parameter of at least two adjoining layers is different. This ensures an enhanced emission spectral width.
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OctrooinummerUS7019325 B2
StatusGepubliceerd - 28 mrt 2006

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    Li, L. H., Fiore, A., Occhi, L., & Velez, C. (2006). Broadband light emitting device. (Octrooi Nr. US7019325 B2).