Bridging navigation, search and adaptation : adaptive hypermedia models evolution

E. Knutov, P.M.E. De Bra, D. Smits, M. Pechenizkiy

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Adaptive Hypermedia Systems (AHS) have long been concentrating on adaptive guidance of links between domain concepts. In this paper we first study parallels between navigation and linking in hypertext on the one hand and information searching or querying on the other hand. We show that to a large extent linking and searching can be modeled in the same way. Secondly we present a transition towards search in AHS by aligning the web search process with the layered structure of AHS and link adaptation process. In the end we sketch the on-going implementation of an open corpus adaptation carried out in the context of the ’Grapple’ adaptive e-learning environment.
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TitelWEBIST 2011 - Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, May 6-9, 2011)
RedacteurenJ. Cordeiro, J. Filipe
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011


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