Brain temperature measurement by microwave radiometry in new born infants

F. Bardati, J.W. Hand, G. Marrocco, S. Mizushina, P. Tognolatti, G.M.J. Leeuwen, van

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    Hypoihermal neural rescue therapy has been recently considered for new-horn infants who have suffered hypoxia-ischaemia. The treatment it based on a moderate cooling of brain, which can he safely performed if the deep head temperature is atraumatically and noninvasivelv monitored. Multifrequency microwave radiometry has been proposed for temperature measurements. The potentiality of microwave radiometry for this application has been considered through thermal and electromagnetic models of a baby head. In this paper an example of radiometric data inversion by a model fitting iv presented showing that the method can provide a good estimate of the temperature profile within the cooled baby head. The sensitivity of the method on the numerical parameteu in the model has been investigated.
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