Book review: Street Architecture: Work by Hans van der Heijden

D.P.H. Jenniskens

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The recently published book Street Architecture is the result of a collaboration between Karin Templin, currently pursuing a PhD in architecture at the University of Cambridge, and Hans van der Heijden, an Amsterdam-based architect of mainly urban renewal projects and residential architecture. The book compares the architecture of Renaissance Florence to that of Van der Heijden, in a plea for what Templin calls 'Street Architecture'. It is structured in three sections: the first providing 'observations on Florence', the second outlining 'a catalogue of individual aspects of Hans van der Heijden's work' and the third presenting five of Van der Heijden's projects that show how the elements described in the first two sections come together in his architecture.
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TijdschriftArchiprint : Journal for Architecture, Eindhoven University of Technology
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StatusGepubliceerd - apr. 2018


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