Blind spot detection system for trucks : design and implementation of a warning system

S. Tsoutsou

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This report presents a structured approach for the development of a blind spot detection system for trucks. Specifically, the main requirements and use cases of this system are defined. Furthermore, the architecture design process follows, with a basic solution that includes all the necessary software components. Different concepts are investigated for each of the software components to end up with two solutions, one that is pragmatic, and another that is more elaborate, thus requires more inputs to be realized. The implementation of these solutions together with the verification-validation results are presented. Finally, the project management approach and the planning are explained, and conclusions are drawn.
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  • Dubbelman, Gijs, Begeleider
  • Nijmeijer, Henk, Begeleider
  • van der Knaap, Albert, Externe begeleider, Externe Persoon
  • Sepac, D., Externe begeleider
Datum van toekenning31 okt 2017
Plaats van publicatieEindhoven
StatusGepubliceerd - 31 okt 2017

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PDEng thesis. - Confidential for ever.

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