Biofidget video: biofeedback for respiration training using an augmented fidget spinner

Rong-Hao Liang, B. Yu, M. Xue, J. Hu, L.M.G. Feijs

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This video presents BioFidget, a biofeedback system that integrates physiological sensing and display into a smart fidget spinner for respiration training. We present a simple yet novel hardware design that transforms a fidget spinner into 1) a nonintrusive heart rate variability (HRV) sensor, 2) an electromechanical respiration sensor, and 3) an information display. The combination of these features enables users to engage in respiration training through designed tangible and embodied interactions, without requiring them to wear additional physiological sensors. The results of this empirical user study prove that the respiration training method reduces stress, and the proposed system meets the requirements of sensing validity and engagement with 32 participants in a practical setting.
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TitelProceeding CHI EA '18 Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
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UitgeverijAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc
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StatusGepubliceerd - apr 2018
EvenementCHI '18 - Montreal, Canada, Montreal, Canada
Duur: 21 apr 201826 apr 2018
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CongresCHI '18
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