Beyond “one-size-fits-all” platforms: Applying Campbell's paradigm to test personalized energy advice in the Netherlands

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When analyzing ways in which people save energy, most researchers and policy makers conceptually differentiate between curtailment (e.g. unplugging chargers) and efficiency measures (e.g. installing PV cells). However, such a two-dimensional approach is suboptimal from both a conceptual and policy perspective, as it does not consider individual differences that determine energy-saving behavior. We propose a different, one-dimensional approach, applying Campbell's Paradigm through the Rasch model, in which both curtailment and efficiency measures are intermixed on a single scale and ordered according to their behavioral costs. By matching these behavioral costs to individual energy-saving attitudes, we investigate to what extent attitude-tailored energy-saving advice can help consumers to save energy. We present the results of two studies. The first study (N = 263) reliably calibrated a one-dimensional Rasch scale that consists of 79 energy-saving measures, suitable for advice. The second study employed this scale to investigate how users (N = 196) evaluate attitude-tailored energy-saving advice in a web-based energy recommender system. Results indicate that Rasch-based recommendations can be used to effectively tailor energy-saving advice and that such attitude-tailored advice is more adequate than a number of non-personalized approaches.

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This work is part of the Research Talent program with project number 406-14-088, which is financed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

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