Benchmarking bundling practices in the software industry

J. Angeren, van, R. Bommel, van, C. Arupia, S. Brinkkemper

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Pricing comprises a crucial part of software product management. One strategy to follow is bundling; the sale of two or more products or services as one package. So far, little is known about the use and acceptance of bundling as a pricing tool within the software industry, especially when it comes to combining products and services into one package. In this paper we present the results of a small sample survey conducted with software companies, to both identify the bundling strategies that are employed and to let these companies benchmark their strategies with their competitors. In total, twenty-three companies took part in a web survey. Amongst others, results show that currently 71\% of the companies make use of bundling and the average size of their packages is equal to five components. The configuration of such a package proceeds by assembling components around the product or service that is closest to the core competence of the organization.
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TitelProceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Software Product Management (IWSPM'12), at the 18th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering : Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ’12), 19 March 2012, Essen, Germany
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