Becoming travelers: Enabling the material drift

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Materially driven research can often feel like a long series of failed experiments, which ends with us telling only the story of how we succeeded. We propose engaging with the making experience as travelers, losing ourselves in the making while preserving the outcomes of each experiment. In doing so, we might be able to, on one hand document this iterative journey as a research outcome in itself and, on the other, identify the roads not travelled as opportunities and starting points for new projects. We present an open ended exploration that led us to articulating the possibilities of becoming travelers in the design process.

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TitelDIS 2020 Companion - Companion Publication of the 2020 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference
UitgeverijAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc
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StatusGepubliceerd - 6 jul 2020
Evenement2020 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, DIS 2020 - Eindhoven, Nederland
Duur: 6 jul 202010 jul 2020


Congres2020 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, DIS 2020

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