B3/s23 descending a staircase no. 2

L. Feijs

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This artwork features gliders in cellular automatons playing Conway's game of life. Each playing field is one basic tile from the fashion pattern known as Pied de poule or Houndstooth.The pattern's basic tile has a contour consisting of straight line segments and staircases. In the context of the tessellation typology, it must be considered a hexagon. In our work of art, the basic tile is invisibly glued in a manner which is dictated by the tessellation type, thus implementing a Klein bottle topology, as an alternative to the more classical torus.The Klein bottle appears invisible but it comes to life because of the glider.The work is a tribute to the famous painting Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2, created by Marcel by Duchamp in 1912. Several other hints to Duchamp's work are embedded in the artwork.The author has a personal passion for Pied de poule, which is a rich source of aesthetic qualities in fashion and at the same time a playing field for various types mathematical recreations.

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Titel17th Conference on Applied Mathematics, APLIMAT 2018 - Proceedings
UitgeverijSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jan 2018
Evenement17th Conference on Applied Mathematics (APLIMAT 2018) - Bratislava, Slovakije
Duur: 6 feb 20188 feb 2018
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Congres17th Conference on Applied Mathematics (APLIMAT 2018)
Verkorte titelAPLIMAT 2018
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