Automotive cyber-physical systems: a tutorial introduction

S. Chakraborty, M. Abdullah Al Faruque , W. Chang, D. Goswami, Marilyn Wolf, Qi Zhu

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This tutorial gives an introduction to novices in CPS and particularly highlights the basics of control theory with respect to automotive applications. The authors furthermore describe the “semantic gap” between control models and their implementation and conclude that a new CPS-oriented design approach is required.
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Pagina's (van-tot)93-108
TijdschriftIEEE Design & Test
Nummer van het tijdschrift4
StatusGepubliceerd - 2016

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    Chakraborty, S., Abdullah Al Faruque , M., Chang, W., Goswami, D., Wolf, M., & Zhu, Q. (2016). Automotive cyber-physical systems: a tutorial introduction. IEEE Design & Test , 33(4), 93-108.