Automatic authoring in the LAOS AHS authoring model

A.I. Cristea

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    In this paper, we extend the automatic authoring techniques that can be built based on the LAOS model, a five-layer AHS authoring model. As the LAOS model itself is fairly complex, although information-rich, an adaptive hypermedia author needs a lot of system support to be able to populate all its levels with the corresponding information. Therefore, such automatic authoring techniques, which are actually automatic transformation (and interpretation) rules between the different layers of the model, have been designed. These automatic rules represent, in the area of adaptive systems, designer-goal oriented adaptation techniques. They should represent the goal of the designer that is authoring the hypermedia (such as the pedagogical goal in educational adaptive hypermedia). Therefore, this paper represents yet another step towards an adaptive hypermedia (or adaptive course) that ‘writes itself’. The focus here is on automatic transformation between the domain and a newly introduced goal and constraints model, to show that the effort of introducing this new layer can be minimal.
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