Automated scanning for hearing aid parameters

Aalbert de Vries (Uitvinder), Joris Kraak (Uitvinder)

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A hearing aid system is provided that facilitates adjustment of signal processing parameters θ of the hearing aid system with minimum user intervention, wherein the hearing aid system is capable of calculating signal processing parameters θ for evaluation of the user when the user has entered an input, e.g. using a smartwatch, to this effect. The evaluation takes place for a certain time period and in the event that the user has entered a consent input indicating that he or she is pleased with the set θ of signal processing parameters under evaluation, the hearing aid system continues processing with those signal processing parameters; and if the user is not pleased with the signal processing parameters θ under evaluation, the hearing aid system calculates another set {circumflex over (θ)} of signal processing parameters for evaluation of the user.

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IPCH04R 25/ 00 A I
StatusGepubliceerd - 4 jan 2018

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