Automated Formation Control Synthesis from Temporal Logic Specifications

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In this paper, we propose a novel framework using formal methods to synthesize a navigation control strategy for a multi-robot swarm system with automated formation. The main objective of the problem is to navigate the robot swarm toward a goal position while passing a series of waypoints. The formation of the robot swarm should be changed according to the terrain restrictions around the corresponding waypoint. Also, the motion of the robots should always satisfy certain runtime safety requirements, such as avoiding collision with other robots and obstacles. We prescribe the desired waypoints and formation for the robot swarm using a temporal logic (TL) specification. Then, we formulate the transition of the waypoints and the formation as a deterministic finite transition system (DFTS) and synthesize a control strategy subject to the TL specification. Meanwhile, the runtime safety requirements are encoded using control barrier functions, and fixed-time control Lyapunov functions ensure fixed-time convergence. A quadratic program (QP) problem is solved to refine the DFTS control strategy to generate the control inputs for the robots, such that both TL specifications and runtime safety requirements are satisfied simultaneously. This work enlights a novel solution for multi-robot systems with complicated task specifications. The efficacy of the proposed framework is validated with a simulation study.
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