Authoring and management tools for adaptive educational hypermedia systems : the AHA! case study

P.M.E. De Bra, N. Stash, D. Smits, C. Romero, S. Ventura

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    Creating and maintaining adaptive educational applications is hard work for teachers and developers. In order to help the author perform these tasks the e-learning systems must provide authoring and management tools. In this chapter we describe several useful tools for working with adaptive educational hypermedia systems, using the Adaptive Hypermedia Architecture (AHA!) system. AHA! is a well-known open source general-purpose adaptive hypermedia system. In the current AHA! distribution versions there are some general adaptive author tools as Concept Editor, Graph Editor, and Form Editor, all accessible through the overall Application Management Tool. There is also a specific educational tool: the Test Editor (and the associated Test Engine) and we are now developing some others such as a Course Editor and Mining tool. In this chapter we describe the AHA! system and the functionality of each of these authoring and management tools intended to help teachers and application developers.
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